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Welcome to Julia in Disguise; a UK Fashion and Beauty blog.

I am a self confessed shopaholic with a love of all things fashion, food, beauty and Harry Potter.

I have loved dressing up since the year dot and since then not much has changed. I take huge pleasure in planning and styling outfits and I really do think I may have a slight shopping addiction - one time I lived off beans for a week at University just so I could buy a dress. Worth it? Of course. After a day killing my bank account and feeling extremely guilty about it (but over the moon at the same time), i'll mostly be heard uttering the words: 'It's an investment' or '...so really it was basically free!' At least now my new excuse can be 'It's for the blog...'

In this blog i'll be sharing my personal style, fashion favourites, bargain finds, how to's and just generally chatting (a lot) about all things fashion with a bit of beauty thrown in too. So sit back, grab a cup of tea and have a little nose if you fancy.

If you enjoy any of my posts, please do leave a comment as I love hearing from you and I would also love to check out your blogs too, if you have one!

Julia x

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  1. I only just stumbled over your blog 10 minutes ago or so and I'm already head over heels in love with your style! (plus you sound really nice haha) what with me having only just started my blog it's great to see how quick you got into it, I'm hoping to do the same :))

    (http://sublunars.blogspot.com/ okay I now, only one post on there yet but anyways)


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