Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day to Night

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Hello lovelies,

I thought I would mix it up a little from just my regular outfits of the day and instead show you how I would style both a day and a night-time outfit without a huge change (and a massive bag). This is ideal for when you're heading straight out after work and don't have the time to head back home afterwards or lug a second bag around with you all evening.


In London there is always so much to do and I am pretty keen to try and take advantage of that (within reason...and bank fund) as much as possible. Therefore, I find that I am normally doing things straight after work; whether that is meeting up with friends for happy hour cocktails, eating dinner out (most likely a burger as it is my new obsession), going to a late night exhibition etc. I'm sure a lot of you (especially on a Friday eve) go straight from work to drinks with the gals, guys or maybe even for a cheeky date. This is all rather lovely, but it does mean you really have to think about what you're wearing that day (especially if you're going somewhere fancy) as you don't want to be carrying around a big bag all evening with your work day clothes in, especially if you think the eve may lead to a boogie later on.

The outfits i'm showing here are ones I wore out the other day from work to cocktails. It then gave me the idea for this post, as i'm always thinking of versatile and simple outfits I could wear for such times. However, I did cheat a bit with the fur jacket as I didn't have it before this and I really wanted to show you guys. I actually just stuck with the same black jacket I'm wearing in the day time outfit.
 Of course, this isn't going to always work for you if you have to wear suits and for that I apologise. However, if you're like me and can wear fairly casual things to work, or even smart casual, this hopefully will give you a bit of inspiration! And even if you do have to dress smart - wear a fancy black dress and heels and then swipe of a bit of red lippy for the eve and you're sorted!

As I was wearing leather trousers and over the knee boots for work, I thought I would pair with them pieces that are a lot more casual to minimise the somewhat dressy vibe of the bottom half of the outfit, automatically making it much more day appropriate. I am absolutely loving this longline bomber I nabbed the the Urban Outfitters sale just before Christmas..whilst shopping for other people. Eeek. It was just too good to pass up. I had been eyeing it up for a couple of months but at £85 I just couldn't justify or afford it, straight before christmas. I also probably couldn't justify the sale price either, but I managed to, somehow.
I am loving minimalism and monochrome at the moment so when I saw both this black and white checked scarf and oversized t-shirt - and both in the sale (bargain hunter extraordinaire) I couldn't resist. The scarf automatically adds a pop to every outfit with it's unique style and texture. It's also extremely soft and cosy, which is always a great bonus.


For the night time outfit, not much changed except for the off the shoulder cami and faux fur jacket. This jacket has got to be one of my favourite sale purchases of this year (many more to come, I am sure). The main reason for this is because I love a bargain and this was reduced from around £70 to £15! FIFTEEN! Can you believe it? If you could feel it you wouldn't. It's also handy that my bomber is really light so if you're a big handbag kinda gal, i'm sure you could easily put this away for the evening.
 Adding a swipe of red lippy and some accessories completes an outfit and effortlessly transforms it from casual to night time appropriate. I also did have a pair of earrings in my bag that I was meant to put on but annoyingly forgot. Accessorising is another great way of easily changing an outfit from chilled to chic! I really love this top because of the delicate off the shoulder sleeves, which are beautifully feminine. I'm also not a major fan of my arms and so I love how this covers that and looks really flattering as a result.

I then just kept on my leather trousers and over the knee boots and I was good to go! Of course, if you're going out out or you're just a heels kinda gal, you could always stick on a pair of light ballet flats for the day and swap them over in the evening with a pair of heels. The flats should be light enough to pop in your bag or you could just leave them at work for the night.

I hope you liked this type of post and it helped any of you getting ready at work for a night on the tiles tomorrow. Friday + Payday = FRIYAY!

Julia x
Day - Top, Sunglasses & Boots - ASOS, Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (sale)
Night - Faux Fur jacket - Zara (sale), TOP - ASOS



  1. I love your work outfit, and i love the bomber jacket. So cute. xox

  2. Both these outfits are just so cool, I especially love the first one! x

  3. Wow you look so lovely ! Very nice black jacket and cute black top !


  4. Love those boots!



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